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Guided Tours

A guided tour of the Athenry Heritage Centre is the ideal way to discover the best preserved medieval town in Ireland. Experience this history with your very own tour guide whose local knowledge and history of the town will highlight the influences of the Anglo-Normans in Athenry.

Your journey begins with an introduction to the town, its buildings and the de Birmingham family, the mighty Lords of the Manor. See the towns original Mace & Seal, the oldest of their kind in Ireland, whose 600 year history is reflected in their design and illustrates how this medieval town became rich and economically prosperous.

Take a walk down a medieval street to learn what the locals ate, wore and drank. Enter the dungeon and find a range of torture exhibits which were used on prisoners and traitors. Or place yourself in the stocks and relive the horrors of this simple but effective punishment.

Axe and chain mail

 The Armoury

The military might of the Anglo-Normans is highlighted within the armoury section of the guided tour. The exhibits range from helmets to swords, chainmail, and shields. The English longbow and French crossbow demonstrate why the Anglo-Normans were so successful in battle. There's also the opportunity to be part of history where you can try on helmets or chainmail or feel the weight of a medieval sword!

The guided tour will also inform visitors that Athenry's history is over 1000 years old and that within its ancient walls lies a fossilised world waiting to the discovered.

The Anglo-Norman Journey

A tour of the Athenry Heritage Centre will provide the visitor with everything they need to continue their historical journey in the best preserved medieval town in Ireland. A tour of the centre lasts 35-40 mins allowing you plenty of time to wander around its medieval streets and to discover the numerous architectural features within its ancient defensive walls.

Visit Athenry Castle which is a fine example of a restored Anglo-Norman tower house, the ancestral home of the de Birmingham family or wander around the 13th century Dominican Priory. Access is available from the castle via a €10 deposit for the key.

Discover the the restored Maddens Forge, a unique place where time stood still but was alive for over a 150 years. The forge is open on a daily basis during the summer or by pre booking during the winter. 

The town has many monuments to honour its citizens and these include the 1916 Memorial Garden and Memorial Stone. The Winged Pegasus dedicated to the poet Padraig Fallon and the 1916 monument of Cuchulainn located in Athenry Community Park which also has excellent recreational facilities.


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